Monday, July 30, 2012

II/74 Palmyran

 I picked up this army on ebay.  I was not planning on buying this army but it tempted me.  When I received it, some of the lances were broken so I replaced them all with a Sassanid length lance.  Probably not historically accurate but it gave the figures the look I wanted.
 I wanted the army to have a flag/banner.  I decided to make something similar to the Syrian flag.  I just added some Palm trees to the ends of the sabers.
 I really look forward to playing the Cataphracts in 2.2 +.  Should be a great army to use with the new rules.
 LH.....well I love LH so it only makes sense to me to have a few.
 These figures did not come with the army pack.  I did not like the ones that came with the army and replaced them with some bare chested afghans.

Friday, July 13, 2012

I/22 New Kingdom Egyptians

I have finished my NKE army.  I intended to paint this army along with a commissioned BBDBA army for Spencer but my luggage got hosed up on the way to Korea....I only have about half of his figures here now so I figured I would finish mine and make sure he is happy with the eventual look (minor changes will happen even if I intend them to be the same)
I decided not to go with the typical bleached linen look with cow skin shields.  I though they needed a little flare.  The Pharaoh looks light in the loafers anyway.  I added the red on the bosses cart as an after thought.  Still not sure I like it, but there it is.  I used the grass tuffs again but this time added some static grass for a different look.  Egypt is not as desert as one might think.
You probably noticed the rocks and grassed circles behind the army.  These are part of a modular terrain kit I am slowly building.  Seems I need more and more pieces for it to work...Should have stuck with one color grass and I would be complete...
 Typical Essex.  I got 6 of each kinda BW figure.  I would have preferred two stands of baldies and one stand of regular guys.  So I decided to give each baldies stand a boss, someone to keep them in line.

Spencer, I  promise yours are coming

Friday, July 6, 2012

IV/55b Ottoman

I Picked up this Ottoman army from one of Dave Crenshaw's cleaning out the lead pile sales.  What Dave does not know is that his posts saved the very army he sold me.  I got antsy and spray coated them while it was raining outside...the base semi gloss went on fine but when I sprayed on the dull coat the whole army transformed into ghosts.  Great hour down the drain.  Then I remembered reading his post about re-spraying and it clearing up. It kinda worked for most of the figures.  After three tries, it is "good enough"  noting is as bright as it was once and seems to have one to many layers of coating on the figures.  Oh well,I am not re-painting the darn things.  So be it.  Call it extra armor.

 By the way, Sorry Spencer.  I should be painting NKE but needed something to play with in the mean time.  All my armies are with my family in TN and I needed to have something to destroy Tony Banks with.:)
 This is my first try with the grass tuffs.  I like them, easy to use and look nice.  More expensive then a container of static grass though.  Maybe a combination of the two will work better in the future.
 I have already painted up most of the figures to convert this to RRR.  I just have to paint up one more CV and the separate General.  I will re-post with the new figures.