Saturday, January 14, 2012

IV/61 Italian Condotta

This army was started a long time ago when I was going to play Italian Wars RRR. I used some of the Mirliton Condotta figures to make up the Italian Wars Florentine army. To complete the 2.2 list I painted up some CB and more KN. The end result is thta you will see some familiar figures, if you have been following along.

I added three KN stands to round out the army. I have been trying to paint the Mirliton KN for almost four months and finally cried uncle. I just was not happy with the miniatures. Clean and detailed but not for me. I makes me want to sell the figures i bought for the Crusades from Mirliton rather then paint them. I fell back on the OG figures I bought for RRR. Old faithful, wins the day.
OK, call me lazy. I painted up soe Mirliton CB and really hemmed and hawed over how to mount them. I was concerned about DBA 3.0 making the 8BW stands go away, I was worried about mounting them all to a 40mm stand, and I did not want to paint the SP. I win, I mounted the CB and left a ledge for some PK to stand on. Looks good to me. Maybe not the best troop to take in the woods but will look nice on the game board.

I think all the figures are OG minus the; ART and crew, LH, PS, and the CB figures which are all Mirliton.


Doug said...

Lovely Job

Ray Rousell said...

Very nice, love the paintwork and the pavisis!!

Figurenschieber said...

Absolute lovely paint job!

luca said...

Very nice, I'm eager to start a Condotta army soon.