Sunday, August 2, 2009

II/28d Armenian Gordyene

I bought these figures at RECON 09 from Rudy Nelson from Time Portal Hobbies. He is the only vendor that enjoys coming to support Florida's DBA players. Go Rudy, Gray, and Chip.

I had the opportunity to play Tony's Armenian B list against his Marion Romans last year and fell for the Army. Since I did not want the very same army he had I opted for the D list instead. I am totally happy with the OG figures selected for the army.
I wanted to give the Kn elements a Persian feel so I made them more colorful then I was originally going to. The lances are dulled sewing needles, as usual.

This is what I love about this army. Four Lh!

The unsuspecting peasant rabble. Of course that's what I want you to believe. Better watch these guys they are sneaky.

I went with two ART pieces on the stand due to the size of the stolen Roman launchers. I also needed a camp while I am in Korea. For that reason I built a small "rise" camp for my ART to sit on and observe the battlefield.

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Robin_Jeff said...

Very Colorful! Like the hill, honey!!! Go get em'.