Wednesday, June 9, 2010

II/13 Samnites

I bought these OG figures back at NASHCON in 2004ish. I have been tinkering with them for some time now and finally got a wild hair to paint them. I varied the tunic color for my own sanity and only painted two shields per pattern to give it a little diversity.
The All and powerful General, Not! Cv General is here but when everyone else heads for the hills or trees what does he do?
I originally was going to paint the Ax into two legions with a 'command' stand for each. Those figures got used for some other army so away wen that idea.
Maybe I should call them Sam's Knights to give them inspiration for the open pool table like boards they might find themselves on?

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Mark Davies said...

I've got a stack of these figures waiting to be done, so this is inspriational, though I'd probably aim to field them as Campanians and Bruttians, though I have enough 4AX for Samnites.

It seems unfair that the one Itailian nation the Romans feared suck in DBA terms. Even a couple of 2Ps would help.