Saturday, August 18, 2007

IV/13b Medieval Germans

I started painting this army some time ago at my friend Tony's house. We got an itch to play Armotti. Well, it just never got off the ground. The painted stands sat for about 10 years in my figures cases. The figures were ordered from Wargames inc. out of West Virginia and are Essex. When DBA 2.2 came into play, I decided to re-stand and finish this army. Since then, I completed it with all the options.
One thing I learned from finishing this Army was to wrap the flag around the staff or lance vs. a flat one glued onto it. I continually have to glue the multiple flags back onto spear shafts. Kinda annoying.
Tony, Here are the mighty Pike!!

I believe I enjoy the 2x4Pk option the best. The 2x6Kn stands add an interesting twist and tactical options to this army. I should be knocking on some wood when I say that "So far they are 7 and 0, undefeated". Very diverse and combined force. If you have not tried playing the larger stands in DBA you should at least become familiar with them in order to fight back when they pull a "slicky boy" on you.


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