Sunday, September 28, 2008

IV/35 Mongol Conquest

I bought the figures for this army some time ago from Museum Miniatures. Tony gave me a couple of CV figures for variety. The Camp and slave figures are Old Glory. I was pumped to paint them and play my friends from Nashville, TN. Well, true to form, I finished only 9 stands of the army before I got bored. After much brow beating from the guys on Fanaticus and my wife to finish them before playing them in this past weekends Mongol theme tourney. They did great, finishing 3-1.

I built this Arty piece for this army because I like building things and because all the ones I found were too large for the stand. I constructed it from square stock bass wood, wire, string, and paper. The sling arm is made from wire wrapped in string. The basket is made from a cut out piece of paper underlayed with string and "glue wrapped" over a large rock. Believe it or not.. before I glued the launching ropes down and fully connected the basket the contraption fired.

Every group of Mongols needs a train of slaves for market, right?

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Welcome said...

Hi. Great trebuchet. Can I use the picture on my blog?

Martin Stephenson