Friday, October 31, 2008

IV/58 Medieval Irish

Here is the latest of several for OCT 08. I bought these guys on a whim form Baxter at Wargames. This is the first army I have ever painted with mixed manufacturers. The army is composed of Essex with a few Corvus Belli mixed in to round off the PS stands.
I chose not to paint the Kn and PK option because I like LH generals and I figured the PK would just slow the army down.
I had a hoot painting the Celtic symbols on the AX shields. A lot of fun.

I had diverse figures to use for the BD but changed my mind as I was base coating the figures black. The other figures looked like my Highlanders and I wanted these guys to look alittle different.

IV/68a Medieval Spanish

I purchased these guys from Baxter of Wargames Inc. The army is completly built from essex figures. I have begun to paint the lead weighing down my to do box. This army is one of two I painted in under a month.
I used some of the coat of arms for the period to add some diversity to the army. I was disapointed with Essex's variety of Knights in this army pack.

I chose to only build Spanish troops and one alliy. I refuse to paint Frenchies of any type and figured that this was the matched pair for my 100yrs English it did not make sense to use LB.

II/5d Thessalians

I finished this Thessalian Army back in SEP 08. I played a few pick-up games with my friends in FL at HURRICON.
I really enjoyed the spear line as well as the LH maneuverability. The shields were a complete blast to paint. The army is composed of Xyston figures only.

I decided not to build the CV version of this army to make it unique and also to make myself use LH against the SP and PK of the period.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

IV/35 Mongol Conquest

I bought the figures for this army some time ago from Museum Miniatures. Tony gave me a couple of CV figures for variety. The Camp and slave figures are Old Glory. I was pumped to paint them and play my friends from Nashville, TN. Well, true to form, I finished only 9 stands of the army before I got bored. After much brow beating from the guys on Fanaticus and my wife to finish them before playing them in this past weekends Mongol theme tourney. They did great, finishing 3-1.

I built this Arty piece for this army because I like building things and because all the ones I found were too large for the stand. I constructed it from square stock bass wood, wire, string, and paper. The sling arm is made from wire wrapped in string. The basket is made from a cut out piece of paper underlayed with string and "glue wrapped" over a large rock. Believe it or not.. before I glued the launching ropes down and fully connected the basket the contraption fired.

Every group of Mongols needs a train of slaves for market, right?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I/7c and d Lybians

This is the Army that I went to HISTORICON to purchase. The army is made from Old Glory and was a complete hoot to paint. Although I got carried away a little, this was my fastest painted army ever, approx 12 hours. Yes, yes only 26 figures or so but a lot of small brush work. Enjoy, I am looking forward to playing my friends with this one. Something completely different for them to deal with.

This camp was fun to make. I used a rubber bust of Nefertiti and some toilet paper to make. The tent is actually string and paper shellacked with Elmer's glue. what fun!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Felt Terrain

Well I got tired of having transportable terrain that had no detail. I figured I would layer the felt to add at least the appearance of dimension. or color. I have an on going storage problem for my gaming stuff so building 3D terrain made no sense. Why have woods when you can have another army, right?
Gentle Hill
Step Hill

The Woods, Roads, and water do not have any dimension to them so I did not post pictures of plain felt..... Enjoy

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

II/8C Apulians

The Apulians.... My first Ax Army of several. I have grown to enjoy playing lighter armies as I have gained some experience in playing DBA. This army seems to be a very good mix. I am looking forward to figuring them out soon.

The flag is completely made up. I am not even sure if the Apulian's of this period held a banner of any kind. The symbol for Aries is placed in the center of the boot of Italy. Fitting, the god of War surrounded by Italy.
The Camp is a universal "Greek, Early Italian, etc"

Thursday, June 26, 2008

III/10c Hindu

I began to paint this army some time ago. As usual, I became disinterested and moved on to something else for awhile. Well I returned to it in May and here they are. I picked the "other" list because it has a artillery piece option. I wanted to have a colorful army so I descided to use different bright colors instead of drab linen colors for the Butt and head diapers.
I found the Elephant General figure in a boxed marked Misc. $1.00 at Nashcon, what a bargain! I also bought four other elephants at the same time. All the pachyderms are from essex, although I believe they are from an earlier casting. The Tropical plants and trees are my attempt at making the army unique and have a feel of the tropics. They are made of paper and dowels painted like palms.

The cannon is made from a straw and a dowel with Elmer's wood puddy formed around the outside of the straw to form the barrel. While making this army I had to manipulate five of the figures to fit into the category I needed, can you find them? The camp is made of paper, place mat and puddy. I made the houses out of paper tubes with cones for roofs all layered in puddy. The wall is just a cut down bamboo place mat with the stitching still present. I plan on using this camp for several of my Asian armies.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

"World Barker Marker"

Wanted a Barker Marker. Grey inspired me with his. I saw the one he had during Recon in Orlando, FL and loved. I of course made some changes to the design. I added a "New" Xyston Phoenician veteran as the topper. I also added a very Medieval Flag. The red and white circles are from my family Coat of Arms. I guess I made it mine.
The globe itself is a plastic ball glued to a 40mm x 40mm stand. I painted the world onto it and added some snow for the poles.


Monday, March 17, 2008

II/49 Marian Romans

Looking forward to playing against the Italian Slave revolts at Historicon. I believe that the Bd General will strike fear in the Wb peasants hearts. Besides people are funny about playing against troop types that nobody ever really uses. A 7/5 (w/Ps support) sounds pretty daunting to me even with a warbands quick kill capibility.

The keystone of the army stands under his motto "Non Cedo Ferio" " I Yield Not".

Winged Legion

Wreath Legion

Extra guys, the true multiplier for this army. Notice no Cv? Well the Lh will have to work extra extra hard for thier money.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

III/61 Sung Chinese

I purchased the Essex figures to make a Sung army while gaming in Nashville. The army has been half way complete for almost a year now. Fortunately, I have been re-energized to paint here lately and have decided to finish the armies that I started and never completed (one more to go)
Just thought that Bd could use some color and some spiffy flags to whirl around as they "sliced and diced" their many opponents.
Bw are Bw, enough said
I was originally excited to paint this army because it had a Horde in it, Yes you are reading correctly, I love fighting with units who should have stayed home at the farm.
Reminds me of Tonto! How?Here is the true inspiration to the army. Two Artillery pieces, or in this case Rockets. The rockets are carved from wood square stock. The loaders are manipulated crossbowmen with rockets extended from their crossbow shafts. The hot coals are pieces of a drinking straw filled with small rocks and painted red and black. Can not wait to see them shoot at something. Hey, if they miss, at least we will see a marvelous fireworks display.