Saturday, May 4, 2013

II/25 Bosporan

 I think I bought the figures from Mike Sanderson at Recruits in MO.  The figures are all Essex minus the artillery crew and piece which are Old Glory.  I had ART left over from my Armenians from some time ago.  Felt like the one piece out in the open was lame so I gave them some defensive terrain.
 The shooters are what makes this army playable, in my opinion.  Otherwise mounted are an issue even with four KN.
The General and his host.  I went with a blue theme with a splattering of dark red.  I was thinking Sarmatian meet Byzantines....anyway its what I went with.
 I wanted something simple for the shield design.  Probably should have been all the same design for an issued item to the troops but I got tired of painting know how it is sometimes.
The Killer elite...PS...dun dun daaaa  Hopefully they don't die on turn one when I jump out to surprise your general who was hanging out by the bad going......evil laugh insert here


glenn832 said...

Essex figs as good as anybodies when they're this well painted.

Engel said...

Just stumbeled oppon this blog of yours.
Really nice collections you got.
Cheers/ Jonas

Mr Hotspur said...

Great looking army. I'd be happy/proud to field them.

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