Friday, May 7, 2010

III/47 Pecheneg

I have been eyeballing this army for some years now and finally found figures I liked best. The mounted are all OG and the Wwg are Museum. I know they are A-historical in color. I wanted them to look colorful and gypsy'ish. I had a lot of fun painting the shields and the designs on the wagons.
The General and four of the Lh. The Cv are from the Asiatic range. More for Mongols then Pecheneg but they seemed to fit the look I wanted.
More Lh
Firstly, These wagons are one pain in the butt to put together. They both have huge amounts of putty. This first wagon, I wanted to have a flowering vine feel. I added the drivers seat assembly. It was made from wood and attached with plan glue. I made it wider then wagon so I could perhaps place two figures on it in the future.
The blue wagon is way out in 'Flower Child' range. I wanted something bold and bright, I think I got it. The roster on the tailend was ensipred by a gypsy painting I found on the internet. Added a nice flare in my opinion. Nothing historical about them, but I like how they turned out.

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Anonymous said...

Very cool as all your stuff is. I particularly got a kick out the wagons.