Monday, March 29, 2010

II/11 Gallic

Finally completed a four year project. I bought these figures back in 05...I think. I have begun to paint them twice since i bought them. I wanted them for my Marions to pick on but quickly lost interest.
I know most would have selected the Chariot General but i like a challenge. Besides I think it would be fun to charge heavy foot with a fanatic. This general stand has the trumpeter wounded. I guess he should have put on some clothes before showing up with the warlord.
The first four WB. I used the camp followers with their loyal mutt for one of the stands. Sometimes you gotta give the farm boys a go.
Finally, The two Cv. I supposed this army needs these guys to fight in the open but I have no intentions of fighting on an open plain. Maybe the Cv will go graze near the camp?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

WWI Russians

Finally, Here are the Russians in entirety. I could not be happier with the Peter Pig WWI range, well at least the Russians. Although a little smallish, around 12mm, they are incredibly detailed and deeply cut to provide the best painting opportunity.
The last two pieces to the army were the MMG. I have been waiting for them on back order from Peter Pig. I did things slightly different with these two stands in order to get the terrain the way I wanted it. I made and puttied the terrain with out the figures on the stands. After gluing the figures down I coated the stands again with putty to hide the lead bases. Much of the difficulty I have had in the past has been due to the putty in tight spaces. Not an issue with this method....just took longer to finish.

Monday, March 1, 2010

IV/78 Yi Korean Part one

These are the new OG Koreans plus some Ming.