Sunday, January 24, 2010

WWI Barbed wire

I was asked to show the steps in making the barbed wire for the WWI terrain I was working on. Here you go. Drill out the post locations with small hand drill, if you go through the stand don't worry about it. I used needles cut in half for the posts but I think you could use any wire.
I use Elmer's wood putty for my bases. I puttied the stands and allowed them to dry completely. I then took nylon thread and began to tie the "wire" on. I just tied one end and twisted the thread around the posts and glued into place. I tried to tie off the other end but it would not stay tight. I then took the same thread and tied a knot on every straight piece of "wire" for effect.
Finish off by painting the stand. Then paint eh wire to your liking. I used a chain mail mixed with Tin for the wire and highlighted the barbs with straight chain mail. Very solid and easy.


tim said...

Neat! I did something very similar - except for 25mm!
Making Barbed Wire Part One
Making Barbed Wire Part Two

Unknown said...

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