Monday, March 17, 2008

II/49 Marian Romans

Looking forward to playing against the Italian Slave revolts at Historicon. I believe that the Bd General will strike fear in the Wb peasants hearts. Besides people are funny about playing against troop types that nobody ever really uses. A 7/5 (w/Ps support) sounds pretty daunting to me even with a warbands quick kill capibility.

The keystone of the army stands under his motto "Non Cedo Ferio" " I Yield Not".

Winged Legion

Wreath Legion

Extra guys, the true multiplier for this army. Notice no Cv? Well the Lh will have to work extra extra hard for thier money.


Dalauppror said...

Realy Nice ! Lovely minis !

I suppose this army is a tribute to Julius Cesar as he was Murdered on Marsh 15, 44BC "Et tu, Brute?"

Best regards Dalauppror

Robin_Jeff said...

Great NEW BLOG page!! Love the color choices. Viewer Friendly!!


David said...

Jeff, I love the way your page is evolving. I finally added a links section to my page and got yours on there immediately.


ulysse02 said...


A very nice Sassanid army !
Please, what's the brand (except the Essex elephant)

Best Regards