Friday, April 16, 2010

IV/78 Yi 'Choson' Koreans

The pictures of the flags are from the Korean War Museum in Seoul. I was excited to use designs from what I had seen. In the DBA-RRR army mod more of the flag designs were used.
I finished the last stands for the Yi Koreans last night. I have been delayed completing the army because I got stuck on the three Cv elements. When stuck, I put things away and work on something else like the Gauls and Alexander and usually find myself coming back to it after awhile. The Old Glory figures used in this army are absolutely the best OG have out! Crisp, clean and with a variety of poses per pack. You might notice the labels on the stands, I am tracking kills for each stand in DBA-RRR and this is the base army for my I/25 Korean list 'Choson' Renaissance army soon to be posted.
The trouble makers....I chose the General with the fan so that he would stand out from the rest of the formation. The figure variation was great for the Cv.
The LH, enough said!:)
The foot, the army has a splattering of different troop types. The colors were influenced by Perry miniatures home page.
The Hd and the ART were alot of fun to put together. I looked at the ART as Chinese rocketeers. Of course they needed a flag to wave around so that the enemy could honorably fire back, right?

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DeanM said...

Beautiful Yi (Choson) army! I'm building one in 28mm (Perrys) for WAB and the like. Best, Dean