Friday, April 19, 2013

Goblin HoTT_GW OOP

 Here is most of my Goblin HoTT list to be a matched pair with the Dwarfs.
The Hero stand with Standard bearer.  The fanatic along for the ride.  If you know me and my gamer name, "Gobbo the Great" then you would recognize this old Goblin figure as a D&D character from teenagehood.  I used him as my main character for years.  Re-found him.
 I intend to use the wolf riders as riders.  Originally, I thought Knights but then I looked at some Squig Hoppers and thought...Knights without lances.  So I will add them to the list soon.
 Skarsnik and Gobbla are the Magic user team.
 I wanted alot of Spear and Blade for this army.  I was considering them as Horde but had issues mounting them, maybe I will still.  Interesting, not sure why I just put two and two together and realized the depth of a Horde stand is 40mm....hmmmmm

 I have the Fanatics out as a Sneaker.  I just wanted them to pop out and attack a hero or mage.
 I have lots of Behemoth choices.  Here are two.  I think BoBo will stay with the Goblins and I will give the Trolls to the Orcs (coming soon)

 I would not have a army without at least one artillery piece,, given the choice!
Last but not least, the beast stand. 

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