Friday, January 15, 2010

II/78b Late Imperial Roman East

Bought these Essex figures off E-bay for half price. I love shopping deals. It has been some time since my last post. I had a period of the "I don't feel like painting" and I went on vacation. But here we go. I had these finished in November minus a few odds and ends. I finished them yesterday and based them this morning. I enjoyed looking up shield designs and adding my own impression making it my army.
The General and his minions.
The Cataphracts. I had one lance that was damaged so I replaced it with a standard. The standard is a-historical but was fun anyway. Made from thread and a piece of wood on a staff. Some might complain that they are confused when a banner is not on the generals stand....oh well if they can not tell the difference between a Cv general and a Cataphract :) surprise!!
The mighty Bd.
The light troops that make the army versatile. I just wish they had a Bw unit or two.


Robin said...

Awesome Hubby!!! They look great!!! Love the extra detail and personal touches you did.


Dave said...

It looks great!