Sunday, September 20, 2009

II/54a Scots-Irish

Finialy finished the OG Scots-Irish. I had them mostly done for almost two weeks. Much to long for only needing to finish the flesh and hair. Seems the kick in the shorts worked well.This is the first painted army I have with Light Chariots, eek more Cv. I took some artistic licence with the colors used. The istory says green, saffron, and linin colors with the ocational red. Oh well so much for historial garb, my guys just took it as spoils of war.
Belive it of not this is not the most Ax I have in an army. I am growing accustomed to usign them and am getting pretty fair at it.
Tried to use a woven look to the plad so that I could shade the colors better. Made it easier for me to keep track of the pattern.

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