Thursday, May 16, 2013

II/73 Old Saxon, Frisian

In the hopes of going to HISTORICON this coming summer I asked which army I could paint for the two Davids Campaign that would not affect/tie up/or interfere with the campaign if I did not show.  I was told, "round shield carrying Wackos" from the Saxon list.  Well here they are!
The List is made from all Old Glory Figures.  Some packs have been added from the Viking line for Berserkers and variety.  I wanted a difference in weapon type as well.

 The Fearless leader.  I went through many aches and pains deciding on the finish to the stands. I really wanted to make them conducting a Littoral landing with water on part of the stand and beach on the other.  The narrow 15mm stands made that near to impossible for me.  I decided it was going to be cold and for me.  The North Sea, English Channel, is like that anyway.

 No particular theme in shield design other then trying hard not to make them look like Vikings.
 A few Wackos without shields liven up every army just a little.
 The ever important PS.  The only sane guys in the army.  Have a much deeper stand for stand off distance and capable of hiding when the mounted come a'calling.