Sunday, January 24, 2010

WWI Russian Spotting Balloon

What fun. I wanted a balloon for my artillery to shoot with. Gotta have heaps of artillery, right? I decided on a 40x60mm stand so I could give the balloon a good stable base. The 40x40 seemed to small for what I had in mind. I wanted the balloon to have a stable base. I pegged and glued the dowel from the base to the basket. I then puttied the base. As a detail I carved two sand bags to hang from the baskets undercarriage. I like how it turned out. The bags were carved out of the same dowel used as the base support.
For the balloon I used the same old blue foam. I cut the top off of an eye drop bottle for the hot air intake of the balloon. I also used a smaller dowel to support the balloon above the base. One requirement I had for this piece was for it to fit in my figure case. That requirement forced me to make in two pieces. The balloon section has a magnet on the bottom of it as well. I paper mached the balloon with toilet paper and a very watered down Elmer's glue. Kinda tedious, maybe should have used putty and made it smooth. I just wanted to make it as light as possible. Besides its fun to do different things. The thread was tied and glued around the balloon.
I based the whole thing black and began the painting adventure. I decided on a tri-color camo I found on a Russian gun.
Here is the finished product along with some very confused Persians for a size comparison. I also threw in some wire I had just finished.
Thank you Terry for the flag web page. I figured it needed something to say "Russian" If for nothing else to keep the Russians from shooting at it. :)


Robin said...

Very Creative!!! Interesting colors but I guess it goes with your theme. Can't wait to see the balloons in person. :o)


Dale said...

Very nice indeed.