Thursday, February 4, 2010

I/14b Shang Chinese

This is almost the last army I have left from a NASH CON purchase in 06. I have been waiting to paint this army until I figured out what configuration I wanted to have. I still don't know! I scratch upgraded the General to a HCH, used the 2x AX option but made them half Bw so I could switch without painting more figures, and lastly I chose to paint 4xBw and 2xPs (here is where I had more lead so I could have painted all the Bw).
The General was made up of several horses from other armies and countries. I shaved off the saddles and reins in order to make them look more chariotish. The chariot was also missing a cross bar so i made one from wood.
The Bd were the last to be painted. I had some crazy faces painted on the shields and truthfully, that was what was keeping me from finishing the army back in DEC 09. I just did not like the shield design. These characters are from a scroll I found on the Internet, of course. From left to right they mean; Ox, Wood, and Mountain.
The 4xBw. I cut the plumage of the helmets to give them a different look from the Spring Autumn Chinese. You know Essex, they tend to use similar figures for different armies.
Here are the light troops. The character on the Ps means Moon and the Ax means Sun.


yorkie said...

very nice painting, i like them alot.


-sean said...

I have these guys waiting to be painted. I did the Northern Barbarian first for some reason...

I like your 'Mighty Ox' regiment and the rest. Nice!!

Agreed about Essex, but this is probably one of their finer lines.