Friday, April 9, 2010

IV/42 Islamic Persians

Ahhh, The Persians are finally completed!! For someone that does not like to play with Cv, Eight is quite enough. I purchased these Essex from a DBA 1.1 army pack back in Nashville at a discount. This is the last one of those 50% off armies I bought back then, thank goodness. Much like the Gauls, I have begun, stopped, stripped, and repainted this army more then once. I just finally said to my self, " paint them or throw them away" So I painted them.
The General and his staff....and of course the Lh.
The first four Cv stands. I originally wanted this army to be drab with browns, greens, and grays...I obviously did not like how that turned out.
The other three
The Hd and the two Bw. These have been painted for almost four months starring at me to finish the mounted. It was one of my failed inspirational attempt to kick start my butt into painting the army. I failed until recently.

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Braxen said...

awesome colors!

What do you use for the flags?