Sunday, May 30, 2010

Post Mongol Samurai Wb

This is the Wb Option from the army. I have become demoralized while working on the Bd option and have put this away for now.

IV/3 Anglo-Normans

Yes, Cheesie Cheater army. However, Since I had the Normans already it made sense to make the rest of the options. Tony gave me the wagon and I think the priests are from Museum miniatures. The horses are Essex and the two bow men are OG. Much to my irritation I was not thinking when I put glued two stands together to make the 80mm stand that I could not do is actually 90mm. opps. People will just have to get over it.
The two spear and the extra Bw option
Here are the dismounts. It is a cheesie cheater army in my book. I wanted to do both the Sp and Bd option for dismounts however I really did not want to spend the extra time or pick up another pack of troops to make it happen so I just made it two Sp and two Bd per stand. I figure I will just tell people what they are dismounting into at the beginning of the game.

Low Countries Addition

Had a great time completing this army with the Pk General option as well as a support Pk for him. No idea if I will ever use this option but had the what the heck. Like the huge two handed sword for a leader, he must have pike envy?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I/27 Early Hebrew

I purchased these figures in an army pack from eBay about three months ago for 5 bucks. I guess nobody wanted to out bid me. Personally, I just wanted to play with a Ax General. Sounded like fun at the time. They have been sitting half painted for about two months and needed finished. I am trying to finish up all the loose projects before I head home from Korea.
I made all the Ax have shields and the Wb have none to differentiate between the two troop types.

Friday, May 7, 2010

III/47 Pecheneg

I have been eyeballing this army for some years now and finally found figures I liked best. The mounted are all OG and the Wwg are Museum. I know they are A-historical in color. I wanted them to look colorful and gypsy'ish. I had a lot of fun painting the shields and the designs on the wagons.
The General and four of the Lh. The Cv are from the Asiatic range. More for Mongols then Pecheneg but they seemed to fit the look I wanted.
More Lh
Firstly, These wagons are one pain in the butt to put together. They both have huge amounts of putty. This first wagon, I wanted to have a flowering vine feel. I added the drivers seat assembly. It was made from wood and attached with plan glue. I made it wider then wagon so I could perhaps place two figures on it in the future.
The blue wagon is way out in 'Flower Child' range. I wanted something bold and bright, I think I got it. The roster on the tailend was ensipred by a gypsy painting I found on the internet. Added a nice flare in my opinion. Nothing historical about them, but I like how they turned out.