Friday, July 13, 2012

I/22 New Kingdom Egyptians

I have finished my NKE army.  I intended to paint this army along with a commissioned BBDBA army for Spencer but my luggage got hosed up on the way to Korea....I only have about half of his figures here now so I figured I would finish mine and make sure he is happy with the eventual look (minor changes will happen even if I intend them to be the same)
I decided not to go with the typical bleached linen look with cow skin shields.  I though they needed a little flare.  The Pharaoh looks light in the loafers anyway.  I added the red on the bosses cart as an after thought.  Still not sure I like it, but there it is.  I used the grass tuffs again but this time added some static grass for a different look.  Egypt is not as desert as one might think.
You probably noticed the rocks and grassed circles behind the army.  These are part of a modular terrain kit I am slowly building.  Seems I need more and more pieces for it to work...Should have stuck with one color grass and I would be complete...
 Typical Essex.  I got 6 of each kinda BW figure.  I would have preferred two stands of baldies and one stand of regular guys.  So I decided to give each baldies stand a boss, someone to keep them in line.

Spencer, I  promise yours are coming

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Figurenschieber said...

Absolut beautiful!!!!