Thursday, December 18, 2014

Ogre Project

I may already have the Ogre leaning on the two handed sword bought, waiting on ebay to finish the bidding on it.  Green = have it, Red = Don't have it yet/.

I have a set of Golgfag's Ogres 2005 available for trade.  I also have the Hero in the picture below.

I have some multiples of the Ogres above..but I think you do as well
I have the 1985 Golgfag's Ogres "B" set for trade

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

HoTT Demonworld Orcs

Finally finished, well almost.  I have 5 stands of WB Orcs to complete the armies options.  I will not paint those for awhile....nobody around me plays 15mm.  The Army is made up of Demon World Orcs entirely.  This army has been painted for a very long time.  I just realized that the basing was not complete.  I finish the bases and sprayed them the other day while cleaning off my painting table.
The Blade, I have photographed before but have re-based onto 20mm to better facilitate the two-handed swords. 
Crazy Female Orcs!  Love them...fear them...The Orcs do!
Bow dudes.  Figured I might want a shooter list...
The Chariot is scratch built with dental floss reins.  I was out of wolves so used bears.  The Catapult is a regular demon world piece

Ogre leader for my Trolls.  Needed a couple of stands of Beasts or Behemoths.
Rider, Lurkers, or sneakers take your pick.  Spiders are way cool but only one per stand fit no matter how I chopped them up.
Ah...the leaders I have two Warrior Heros and the Big bad momma Orc.....everyone is scared of her.  The wizard and his tower rounds the army out.  I built the tower with tubes and masking tape.  I figured Orc contruction habbits were not up to regular par, thus the supports.