Friday, February 26, 2010

Russian Dismounts

These are the last until my MMG shows up. The Dismounted names match the Mounted version. I wish the Russian line had standing horses but after finishing them it does not bother me as much as I would have thought

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

WWI Russian the Gun and the Last Rifle

I added the Crew to my Russian Artillery Piece. I think that they just made the gun a nicer piece. You will notice the name on the back of the stand. I have kept track of all my DBA games over the years but have not gone down to the units. I figured since I was just starting HiTT and DBA-RRR that I would track individual stands record. It may get cumbersome at some point but I think it will be fun.
Really like the great coat clad Russians. I wish Peter Pig made more poses and options wearing the coat. I would build a winter version of the army.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

WWI Russian Cv

Just finished the four Cv elements. I have finished the horses for the dismounts as well but have not done the dismounted riders yet. I just received the Gun crew and the remaining rifle figures from Brookhurst.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

II/35 Later Macedonians

I was looking for another Pike Army and well here it is. I have the figures for a conversion to II/12 Alexander Macedonians and will paint them up here soon.
I added shields to the Cv General to make sure they differed from the Cv element in Alex's army.
I decided to make each set of Pike slightly different by painting the tunics different colors. I could not descide on a shield pattern for the Pike so I chose to make the shields color common but changed the design.
I know that these don't really fit the army but I figured some Hoplites would fit what I pictured in my mind.
Absolutely love the Gaul/Galatians figures from Xyston. I wish they had chariots for the line.

Monday, February 15, 2010

III/9b Burmese

Picked this Chariot army up from Rudy with Time Portal Hobbies minus the elephants. I can not even remember which RECON/HURICON it was anymore. I had some spare elephants from Essex I bought an even longer time ago in Nashville and modified them to work. Thank you Chip for the Bw riders and the extra Bw figures. You made the army possible. I have been avoiding finishing the army for three months now. I glued the riders on the elephants before I painted them...ouch what a pain in the A.
The general and his Cv. The General and the driver are Essex. I think this is only one of two mixed armies I have in my collection. Not sure why, just is.
The EL. I glues twisted string across the backs of the elephants in order to give the straps for the Burmese archer seats. The benches are just wood. It was a slight irritation to get them to fit right but once there....well they are really glued.
Lots of Ax. The figures are quite nice and detailed if not a bit small and skinny.
Chose to have two Cb and one Bw just for variety. This is not the prettiest army I have painted. I wanted them to look different then the matched pair, the Hindu other list III/10c.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

WWI Russian Cont.

Russian Sturmtrupe. I tried to make it look like they were in the process of working through a trench or crossing the wire. Figures were not very versatile.
Still waiting on my crew to arrive from Brookhurst. I wanted the gun to be apart of the defensive position. I guess if it moves the engineers are going to have to work very fast to move the burm and install the floor:)
This Staff Car, although worthless in the game, was so cute looking I just needed to paint the thing.

I/14b Shang Chinese

This is almost the last army I have left from a NASH CON purchase in 06. I have been waiting to paint this army until I figured out what configuration I wanted to have. I still don't know! I scratch upgraded the General to a HCH, used the 2x AX option but made them half Bw so I could switch without painting more figures, and lastly I chose to paint 4xBw and 2xPs (here is where I had more lead so I could have painted all the Bw).
The General was made up of several horses from other armies and countries. I shaved off the saddles and reins in order to make them look more chariotish. The chariot was also missing a cross bar so i made one from wood.
The Bd were the last to be painted. I had some crazy faces painted on the shields and truthfully, that was what was keeping me from finishing the army back in DEC 09. I just did not like the shield design. These characters are from a scroll I found on the Internet, of course. From left to right they mean; Ox, Wood, and Mountain.
The 4xBw. I cut the plumage of the helmets to give them a different look from the Spring Autumn Chinese. You know Essex, they tend to use similar figures for different armies.
Here are the light troops. The character on the Ps means Moon and the Ax means Sun.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

WWI Russian Rifle

I received my Peter Pig Russians Monday and well...I have been busy painting them. I also began working on the Storm troopers and the crew for my staff car this evening. This is going to be fun.