Thursday, June 26, 2008

III/10c Hindu

I began to paint this army some time ago. As usual, I became disinterested and moved on to something else for awhile. Well I returned to it in May and here they are. I picked the "other" list because it has a artillery piece option. I wanted to have a colorful army so I descided to use different bright colors instead of drab linen colors for the Butt and head diapers.
I found the Elephant General figure in a boxed marked Misc. $1.00 at Nashcon, what a bargain! I also bought four other elephants at the same time. All the pachyderms are from essex, although I believe they are from an earlier casting. The Tropical plants and trees are my attempt at making the army unique and have a feel of the tropics. They are made of paper and dowels painted like palms.

The cannon is made from a straw and a dowel with Elmer's wood puddy formed around the outside of the straw to form the barrel. While making this army I had to manipulate five of the figures to fit into the category I needed, can you find them? The camp is made of paper, place mat and puddy. I made the houses out of paper tubes with cones for roofs all layered in puddy. The wall is just a cut down bamboo place mat with the stitching still present. I plan on using this camp for several of my Asian armies.

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