Saturday, May 11, 2013

II/4a Waring States Chinese, Ch'in

 Another Waring States Chinese army.  Heck, I might build them all eventually.  I motivated myself by building the camp first.  Not the normal way for me...but I needed the kick in the shorts.  The miniatures are all Museum from the Chinese chariot line.  Originally, I bought two army packs off ebay.  One was Shang and the other a waring states army.  The packs...well were DBA 1.1 packs, great.  I mixed and matched since I already have a Shang Chinese army.

The Chariots barely hang onto the back of the stand.  Not an issue really, just inconvenient when making columns.  I made the banner in my typical way with paper glued together.   The image is from a figure it out.  The Generals Dagger-axe man would not fit in the chariot no matter how much I cut his stand down...he no longer has a stand and is pinned into the base.  The Umbrella is made from a stick pin glued to a 28mm Viking Shield with a strip of paper glued around it for he tassels.  Worked awesome.  No the tassel look is all paint vs. cutting it.
 Because of the mixing packs, I did not have enough CB to make a third stand.  These guys just have not recieved thier weapon upgrade and armor...outlying province :)
 OK, well....again mix and match.  I was cool with the Dagger-axe men but did not like the Spear guys.  I almost stopped painting the army on Friday since I was unhappy.  Then the Emperor, me, made a choice.  I dictated that the extra Bowmen lay down their bows and pick up spears...They refused.  Their were many be-headings that sad day.  The heads were removed and re-mounted on the Spearmen's bodies.  Guess it was easier to switch heads then weapons.
 Very normal and uneventful CV and LH.