Monday, July 30, 2012

II/74 Palmyran

 I picked up this army on ebay.  I was not planning on buying this army but it tempted me.  When I received it, some of the lances were broken so I replaced them all with a Sassanid length lance.  Probably not historically accurate but it gave the figures the look I wanted.
 I wanted the army to have a flag/banner.  I decided to make something similar to the Syrian flag.  I just added some Palm trees to the ends of the sabers.
 I really look forward to playing the Cataphracts in 2.2 +.  Should be a great army to use with the new rules.
 LH.....well I love LH so it only makes sense to me to have a few.
 These figures did not come with the army pack.  I did not like the ones that came with the army and replaced them with some bare chested afghans.


Walter said...

They look really great. I like seeing the change of just a little to add so much extra.

Endakil said...

Such a piece of beauty :)