Monday, May 4, 2009

II/4c Waring States Chinese, Chao

I purchased these Essex Chinese from Baxter at Wargames back when they were on that great sale over the holidays. I was intending to paint them for the David and David Waring States theme at HISTORICON, unfortunately I will not be attending. They are painted however!! I used a different static grass color this time. They look kinda neon but I like the look.
Here is the General and his side kick. I wanted these tiger skins to look different from the ones on my Spring Autumn Chinese so I painted them like Siberian Tigers to match the flag. So far these guys need a win, they are 0-2 :(

The Essex spear are a pain. I had to mount them all together so that they would mess at least one way. Not a real issue gaming, especially when you play with nice people. Had I been able to select the spear figures I would have selected all 90 and 45 degree posses and left the level spears in the store.

As I am finding out through playing. My favorite element, the LH.

The CB and PS are fun as well but are too slow for the likes of me.

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