Monday, November 28, 2011

I/2b Italian Wars French

Here is the completed RRR French list I started several months ago by painting the Artillery. Thanks David Crenshaw for selling me the base list for these and the Germans. You got my paint brush going for RRR.

The Artillery are all Old Glory. I got these from Mike Sanderson back in MO. I finally got them painted, Mike. Wish I could cross these guys with your French.Wanted the three to appear as a battery. The defensive position is just differently sized dowels glues down in a half moon design. Worked well.

The General and his Knights. The KN stands are all Essex and the indivdual commander is Old Glory.These are Old Glory as well. The Italian "traitors" Merc SH. I even gave them some Blue feathers so that they would match.

Went with two PK, LH, and a SK for the rest of the army. I have been torn about having more PK, but decided against it in favor of some maneuverability.


Ray Rousell said...

WoW!! Truly inspiring painting!!!

Anonymous said...

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