Wednesday, April 24, 2013

II/19c Seleucids

Hello all.  Here is a project that has been staring at me for weeks..ok months now and needed finished before I pack up to head home to the States.
 The army is made from mostly Essex.  Exceptions are the Elephant, SCH, PS, and WB...hmm ok maybe not mostly made up of Essex.  The EL and SCH are Old Glory.  The WB and two PS are Xyston.  Look fine to me....I have had this army in a bag since long before Xyston got around to making figures for it...darn-it
 I went with a red theme as you can tell.  The up side down anchor seemed appropriate.  I did however make a mistake...the pikes are to long for the box I transport figures in...hmm, guess they get to nap while traveling.
 Decided on two CAT instead of the KN.  I wanted to be able to use them for 2.2 and +....don't feel the 3KN fit the army as well.  PK line do not need rambunctious knight guys charging ahead and getting waxed.
 Not sure what the guy on the EL stand is doing...taking orders for take-out...seems relaxed considering the guy up top is jabbing at someone.
The ankle bitters...


15mm25mm said...

very nice and "mean" looking army, well done sir

Phil said...

Fantastic looking army, love the pikes and elephants!

S. Murugappan said...


Your blog is awesome.

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