Monday, March 29, 2010

II/11 Gallic

Finally completed a four year project. I bought these figures back in 05...I think. I have begun to paint them twice since i bought them. I wanted them for my Marions to pick on but quickly lost interest.
I know most would have selected the Chariot General but i like a challenge. Besides I think it would be fun to charge heavy foot with a fanatic. This general stand has the trumpeter wounded. I guess he should have put on some clothes before showing up with the warlord.
The first four WB. I used the camp followers with their loyal mutt for one of the stands. Sometimes you gotta give the farm boys a go.
Finally, The two Cv. I supposed this army needs these guys to fight in the open but I have no intentions of fighting on an open plain. Maybe the Cv will go graze near the camp?

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Mark Davies said...

I love what you've done with these guys, particularly the camp followers and their dog--too good to leave in the camp! Not sure about the dying Gaul on the command stand; I'm too superstitious it would bring bad luck--send the wrong message!