Saturday, March 28, 2009

Chinese Camp

Figured I needed a new Generic Chinese camp for my many un-painted Chinese armies. I was inspired from a few pictures I found on the web and added some flavor to it. The gate and fence is made from dowels and flat wood stock. I also used string to tie the posts together. The stand is made from my standard blue foam, Elmer's wood putty and some gravel (for the road).

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pre-Islamic Suplimental

II/23a Pre-Islamic Arab Nomads

I bought these guys from Baxter at Wargames, when they were on sale. I bought them to be the matched pair for my Sassanid Persians. Unfortunately, my Persians keep getting their butts kicked by everyone. I am pretty sure these Arabs will do the same to them.
I used one of the second camel riders for the Generals companion. The army came with another of the armored riders.

I really did not like having the camels all double riders. Something wrong about two guys riding double...... I took some of the riders and added spears and shields to them. I also made some saddle bags and extra baggage for the camels to carry to balance out the figure a little bit. The other issue was with the camels themselves. They were all two poses. I bent some of the heads back, some forward, and some to the side to break up the lines of the stand.

I really liked the variety of the Bd that the pack had. No stands have any of the same figures on them.

No army would be complete with out the power of the Ps. This army gives you one power house and the option to have a second.