Thursday, January 17, 2008

III/77 Scott Isles and Highlands

I have recently moved to Florida. After a fantastic "End" game of 4 on 4 with the guys playing at Al's in Nashville, TN. I picked this army of Scottish Islanders out to purchase. Much to my humble delight, Baxter, the new guy that took over "Wargames Inc" gave this Essex army to me, as a farewell. It is only right, that I dropped other projects in order to get my gift properly painted and posted. So Baxter, Thank you very much for your generosity and good luck.

I wanted this Army to be uniformly Yellow and Red. I had an enormously good time painting the different color schemes and patterns on the tabards that the blade are wearing. I made every attempt to get the plaid correct for the Mac Donald's...its good enough for me. The camp is my new "Universal" Medieval camp. I am running into storage issues for my DBA stuff. Hmmmmm more armies or more camps? Armies, exactly!! I figure I will make flags for each army listing to change the feel of the camp. I believe I will use this castle for my Germans, English and these Scotts. The castle was scratch built from wood and foam. I built a wooden box with a PVC tube, for the tower. Covered the structure with Elmers wood filler. I then built the batlements out of blue foam. Covering the foam as well with the wood filler. Painted and terrained the piece.
I went with the Bw and Wb combination mostly to be a pain in the butt. Besides 12 Bd are really boring.


Anonymous said...

I like your "Stumpy" has cariacature! :) Great job on the army.

Derek said...

Very nice indeed!
This is an army I have purchased some Museum & Feudal Castings figures for. I intend to get some Essex figures for more variety.
Again the final jpg appears to have a broken link.
Kind Regards