Sunday, May 30, 2010

IV/3 Anglo-Normans

Yes, Cheesie Cheater army. However, Since I had the Normans already it made sense to make the rest of the options. Tony gave me the wagon and I think the priests are from Museum miniatures. The horses are Essex and the two bow men are OG. Much to my irritation I was not thinking when I put glued two stands together to make the 80mm stand that I could not do is actually 90mm. opps. People will just have to get over it.
The two spear and the extra Bw option
Here are the dismounts. It is a cheesie cheater army in my book. I wanted to do both the Sp and Bd option for dismounts however I really did not want to spend the extra time or pick up another pack of troops to make it happen so I just made it two Sp and two Bd per stand. I figure I will just tell people what they are dismounting into at the beginning of the game.

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Bishop Lord said...

Only just seen these.Stunning :-)