Sunday, April 18, 2010

I/25 c and d Koreans DBA-RRR

Finished!!, This is a combination of the DBA base Yi Koreans and the I/25c and d Koreans from DBA-RRR. I did not paint all the options available but painted what I thought I might use at some point.
Some of the flags used photographed in the Korean War Museum.
My additional ART piece. Not completely happy with the construction of the model but I think it gets the job done. I figured since the other Korean ART had a flag this one needed one too. I utilized two guerrilla figures to form the crew since OG does not make any.
The General 'O' and the other LH and PS options.
Three more Pk options giving the army a total of five.
Two 5Wb and the only Bd available.
The last two elements I painted. These are from the Ming line of OG. I used them for the Korean shot because they were available and the Koreans were greatly influenced by the Chinese during this period.


clibinarium said...

Excellent work; very inspiring!

Matt said...

Beautiful army! Where did you get information on how to paint it?