Tuesday, August 25, 2009

III/51 Normans

The Norman Army is solely OG figures purchased from Rudy with Time Portal Hobbies about a year ago. This army is a continuation of cleaning out the lead drawer and trying to begin fresh, Yeah right!
The General and three of his KNs. No issues or secrets painting these guys. I did however decide very quickly that I did not like the OG shield design. I would have preferred a shield with no raised edges for a better design area.
More KNs. One of these will probably never fight. I will more then likely always use the CV and the LH to help the overly zealous KNs recover from their charges.
The CV and LH. I enjoyed the CV and LH figures because they are not encased in Chain mail. The center rider in the CV is an excess KN figure I used to replace a CV guy that did not make the move to Korea. Squish!
I painted these foot about 8 months ago and never got moving on all the KNs. They made it over here painted and on stands but not finished. The option for this army is either two Bw or Two Ps or in my case probably one and one, with two Sp.

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tim said...

These are great!