Friday, August 14, 2009

III/40d Viking Leidang

Here are the Viking Leidang as promised. I got demoralized somewhere in the middle of the Bd stands and finally got back to them. All in all the Essex figures were great. I used most of the posses that I purchased. Their are different posses that I did not receive in the army pack. As I may have mentioned before, I purchased this army on Ebay for half the price of the army pack and added extra figures to make it the D list.
Here are the General and the Hd stands that I posted about a week ago. I believe that these two stands will see most of the action. Well they might die fast and thus take all the action to be had. I look forward to taunting my opponent with the Hd stand.

The Bd, I used mostly typical Axemen to form the Bd elements. I only limited myself to one stand of Berserkers. These guys made the Bd cut and did not have to join the Horde of slave getter's.
I liked the typical flags used for Vikings but when i painted them it did not fit the look I wanted. I figure these guys all want to go to sea and pillage, right? Well I figured a ship that they never get to board was essential to completing the army. I also made the flag stand with a "commander" so that if I was inspired ot paint the other five stands of Bd I could complete the B list of Vikings.

I opted for two Ax instead of two more Bd stands as well as one Bw and one Ps. I figured that this would allow this army to fight in the woods and help deter the timid French Knights from attacking, Terry!
Hope you enjoy.


tim said...

That's a great looking army!!

Neldoreth said...

Excellent army! I really like the character you pulled out of these figures, they really come to life!