Thursday, August 16, 2007

IV/62 100 Years' War English

My 100 Years' English Army is entirely of Corvus Belli miniatures. This Army has a lot of firsts in it for me; as both a, gamer and a painter. Firstly, as a DBA player, it has 6 Bw...yikes! At first I thought it would be a significant challenge to use all those Bw, then I realized that they were pretty easy unless Bd showed up in front of them.
The second thing that was new with this Army was the basing. I added pieces of blue core foam to add dimension and height to the stand. Worked out great. The only real learning point was to use Elmer's glue vs. any kind of "super glue". The super glue makes the foam melt...very destructive.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to fight these fellas...ought to be a good battle!

Braxen said...

Nice blog. Nice figs.

The minis' faces would gain in depth if you inked then with some flesh wash.

besides very inspiring (and thanks for your other "activities")