Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I/22 Ming

Here is the OG Ming RRR army in fullThe General and his banner bearer.
The three Shot options with the additional Bw and Bd from the base force.
I built these Wwg from wood and wood putty. The cannon is a dowel and the solid wheels are made from some spare buttons since I could not find anymore wheels...ah who cares. My daughter choose the design for the tops. Not exactly ancient Chinese but it made her happy to help me.

IV/73 Ming

I truly think that the OG figures for the Ming and Yi are some of the best I have seen. My Koreans finally have someone historical to fight over rice with! Or more likely rice wine!!
The only real draw back this army has is that it only has two LH :(
The Rocketeers!

The General and his CvThe Bw and the Bd. I wanted to give banners to all the unit types but Ps with a flag just did not seem right.