Saturday, July 18, 2009

IV/80 Hussites

This Hussite Army was bought from Wargame's before Baxter took over. They were back ordered for almost a year. When I received them I found that the army pack, much to my irritation, had multiple WWG from different nationalities and only two posses of Bd. This put the army on hold for a very long time. I realized that the WWg figures were not the "Hussite" type wagon I was looking to have represent the army. I took the three wagons that were the same and converted them into what you see. The wagons sides are made from wood. I took the center wall and hung it on the outside of the wagon to give the fortress look so typical to the Hussite's. At HISTORICON 2008, I purchased two more wagons (the same ones as the three converts) and a slew of other Bd/Sp figures to diversify the force. The general has also been converted to hold a mace as well. I have not figured out how to get semi-gloss spray paint here in Korea yet, so these have not been sprayed.
Tony and I deliberated at length whether or not to mount the WWG on a 40x80 or two 40x40's. The 40x40's won and I could not be happier with the look. All the flags in this army are made from paper folded over the staff. These flags were made before I figured out how to use my computer to size and duplicate the sides and then print them before painting. The Writing on the one wagon is from a Brewery that was founded during the Hussite wars and is still manufacturing beer to this day. Every army should have its own beer wagon.

Here are the 4 Blade elements. I wanted them to look as rag tag as possible. I even added some armored monks tot he ranks.

I saw someones Hussite gun hiding behind a shield wall, (Mark Barker on eye candy) Loved the idea, so here you go.

The General and the all powerful Lh. Ok, so I like LH what can I say?

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Robin_Jeff said...

They Look GREAT!!!! Love the colors and the details. I especially like the stands of trains with the flags.

Still can't believe how fast the turn around was on these guys. Holly Cow...........I guess you might have to buy some more lead while you are there. :o)

Love, Wifey