Thursday, August 16, 2007

II/32 Later Carthaginian

Carthage...What a great army. Unless of course you plan on winning. The army is extremly diverse but sorely lacks killing power. These figures are entirly from Corvus Belli. I painted this army in Iraq as well. I have no Idea why the company manufactures this Carthage army and the wrong Roman opponent. Any one know why?

3Cv, never will use this option but like having the choice to make.

Ok, So I love the 3rd Infantry Division.
The Wild Mercs.. The camp is made from Blue Core foam as usual. The tent is a resin Ottoman one.

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Aren said...

this year I go to Crisis in Antwerp on the 3rd of november.
I decided to buy 15mm miniatures this year, and some spaceships!
I like your stuff ,think it's great, go on with it!!!