Friday, January 23, 2009

I/32c Spring Autumn Chinese

I picked these guys up as a DBA 1.1 army for 50% off at NASHCON some years ago and filled in the rest of the guys to be able to build the a,b,and c lists.
I painted the HVY chariots back in September because I was interested in doing the Tiger skins then promptly lost interest in painting the rest of the guys.

Here is the General in his expensive gold armor and his bleached horses.

The 4 x 3Sp were fun. I made up the designs to liven them up and to make the units stand out from each other. Ireally like how the Gold fish turnned out in light blue.

The mis-mash of the army. I think that the 2 x 3Bw will be very useful for this force.

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Anonymous said...

I like you you made the bows striped.