Thursday, December 22, 2011

New Russian Tank

I just finished a British tank for my Russians. I am looking forward to playing it in some HiTT battles coming soon.

The miniature is from Blue Moon Manufacturers. Entirely of Resin. I used an old 15mm trench piece to make the trench section. I wanted it to look like it was attacking the German trenches. Couple crates to finalize the look.

Monday, November 28, 2011

I/2b Italian Wars French

Here is the completed RRR French list I started several months ago by painting the Artillery. Thanks David Crenshaw for selling me the base list for these and the Germans. You got my paint brush going for RRR.

The Artillery are all Old Glory. I got these from Mike Sanderson back in MO. I finally got them painted, Mike. Wish I could cross these guys with your French.Wanted the three to appear as a battery. The defensive position is just differently sized dowels glues down in a half moon design. Worked well.

The General and his Knights. The KN stands are all Essex and the indivdual commander is Old Glory.These are Old Glory as well. The Italian "traitors" Merc SH. I even gave them some Blue feathers so that they would match.

Went with two PK, LH, and a SK for the rest of the army. I have been torn about having more PK, but decided against it in favor of some maneuverability.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

II/9k Khmelnitsky’s Ukrainian Rebellion

This is a photo of Khmelnitsky. I tried to make the commander look like him including his mace. The only thing I changed from his outfit was the color of his hat. I wanted it blue to tie into the main force of the army.Here is the while army arrayed. I chose the snow and winter terrain because I think of Ukraine as cold as heck.

This is the base force for this Cossack army. I decided to paint them in uniform to represent the Cossack forces that rebelled against the Polish king.
Here are the other PK and SH group of the army. These guys are less uniform coming form the Cossack provinces as more forces joined Khmelnitsky.
I had a great time painting the detail on these OG figures.
The two Russian sled guns are scratch built. I could not find any pictures of these but decided to design them as such.

For the SH general option I chose to place a mounted figure in with the SH to signify the leader stand. I was surprised it fit so well. The foot general is supposed to be Khmelnitsky, himself.

In the case I go with a LH option, here is the General and his body guard.
I had a blast making this camp. Figured the Cossacks would not leave home without some kinda booze. Gotta keep warm in the winter weather. The words are Russian for Beer! The date has no historical reference. 1482 was a good year for beer.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

I/42 Neo-Elamite

Here is the finished Elamite army complete with the "Cheesy Cheater" dismounting LCH. Sarmations be ware!
Very basic painting. Went towards a poorer version of these ancient Persians.
Had no complaints about the army pack. It had a good variety of BW and others

Saturday, August 20, 2011

I/7a German Minor States

Here is the RRR army in entirety. All additional figures are Essex.

I decided to use the German state of Saxony for the theme of this army. I just did not want the mixed look. I know I went alittle overboard with this idea, but I am happy with the results.

IV/13d Medieval German

I picked up most of the figures for this army from David Crenshaw in one of his closet cleaning sales. I bought a RRR army and decided to flush it out in order to make one for DBA as well.The army is comprised of Essex miniatures minus the artillery gun and crew which are Old Glory.
For the 6KN, I decided to use an additional 40mmx60mm stand topped with a metal sheet instead of mounting them directly. This just gives me some flexibility to use the same KN stands for both armies and/or DBA 3.0.