Tuesday, August 25, 2009

III/51 Normans

The Norman Army is solely OG figures purchased from Rudy with Time Portal Hobbies about a year ago. This army is a continuation of cleaning out the lead drawer and trying to begin fresh, Yeah right!
The General and three of his KNs. No issues or secrets painting these guys. I did however decide very quickly that I did not like the OG shield design. I would have preferred a shield with no raised edges for a better design area.
More KNs. One of these will probably never fight. I will more then likely always use the CV and the LH to help the overly zealous KNs recover from their charges.
The CV and LH. I enjoyed the CV and LH figures because they are not encased in Chain mail. The center rider in the CV is an excess KN figure I used to replace a CV guy that did not make the move to Korea. Squish!
I painted these foot about 8 months ago and never got moving on all the KNs. They made it over here painted and on stands but not finished. The option for this army is either two Bw or Two Ps or in my case probably one and one, with two Sp.

Friday, August 14, 2009

III/40d Viking Leidang

Here are the Viking Leidang as promised. I got demoralized somewhere in the middle of the Bd stands and finally got back to them. All in all the Essex figures were great. I used most of the posses that I purchased. Their are different posses that I did not receive in the army pack. As I may have mentioned before, I purchased this army on Ebay for half the price of the army pack and added extra figures to make it the D list.
Here are the General and the Hd stands that I posted about a week ago. I believe that these two stands will see most of the action. Well they might die fast and thus take all the action to be had. I look forward to taunting my opponent with the Hd stand.

The Bd, I used mostly typical Axemen to form the Bd elements. I only limited myself to one stand of Berserkers. These guys made the Bd cut and did not have to join the Horde of slave getter's.
I liked the typical flags used for Vikings but when i painted them it did not fit the look I wanted. I figure these guys all want to go to sea and pillage, right? Well I figured a ship that they never get to board was essential to completing the army. I also made the flag stand with a "commander" so that if I was inspired ot paint the other five stands of Bd I could complete the B list of Vikings.

I opted for two Ax instead of two more Bd stands as well as one Bw and one Ps. I figured that this would allow this army to fight in the woods and help deter the timid French Knights from attacking, Terry!
Hope you enjoy.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Up and Coming projects

I am currently working on two projects; the Silla Koreans and the Viking Leidang. I was solely painting the Vikings however I recently made a trip to the Korean War Museum and was inspired to begin my Korean projects. Yes, Projects, I have the Koryo and will soon have the Yi Korean armies to be painted. The magenta jacket and red belt were taken from the museums interpretation of what a Silla Soldier would look like. The figures are from Rudy of Time Portal Hobbies. Very nice castings, great figures that fit the Korean lists extremely well.
Assuming that the Leidang were the vikings that did not go to sea. It can be assumed that their would be leftover berzerkers with nothing to do in the village except pester the women folk and break things. The Hd option for the army is my interpretation of where bored Berzerkers go. I assigned them a slave hungry overseer and plan on unleashing them upon my enemies. "Bring me more slaves"

This photo shows the Kn General stand. I noticed while photographing this that my General had a catastrophic spraying issue. Well fixable issue anyway. It was to humid when I sprayed and it shows on the metallic parts of the figures. They are going in for a touch-up-overhaul
Very happy with the Essex Vikings. Lots of poses and clean castings. I especially like the Kn figures.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

II/28d Armenian Gordyene

I bought these figures at RECON 09 from Rudy Nelson from Time Portal Hobbies. He is the only vendor that enjoys coming to support Florida's DBA players. Go Rudy, Gray, and Chip.

I had the opportunity to play Tony's Armenian B list against his Marion Romans last year and fell for the Army. Since I did not want the very same army he had I opted for the D list instead. I am totally happy with the OG figures selected for the army.
I wanted to give the Kn elements a Persian feel so I made them more colorful then I was originally going to. The lances are dulled sewing needles, as usual.

This is what I love about this army. Four Lh!

The unsuspecting peasant rabble. Of course that's what I want you to believe. Better watch these guys they are sneaky.

I went with two ART pieces on the stand due to the size of the stolen Roman launchers. I also needed a camp while I am in Korea. For that reason I built a small "rise" camp for my ART to sit on and observe the battlefield.