Saturday, August 8, 2009

Up and Coming projects

I am currently working on two projects; the Silla Koreans and the Viking Leidang. I was solely painting the Vikings however I recently made a trip to the Korean War Museum and was inspired to begin my Korean projects. Yes, Projects, I have the Koryo and will soon have the Yi Korean armies to be painted. The magenta jacket and red belt were taken from the museums interpretation of what a Silla Soldier would look like. The figures are from Rudy of Time Portal Hobbies. Very nice castings, great figures that fit the Korean lists extremely well.
Assuming that the Leidang were the vikings that did not go to sea. It can be assumed that their would be leftover berzerkers with nothing to do in the village except pester the women folk and break things. The Hd option for the army is my interpretation of where bored Berzerkers go. I assigned them a slave hungry overseer and plan on unleashing them upon my enemies. "Bring me more slaves"

This photo shows the Kn General stand. I noticed while photographing this that my General had a catastrophic spraying issue. Well fixable issue anyway. It was to humid when I sprayed and it shows on the metallic parts of the figures. They are going in for a touch-up-overhaul
Very happy with the Essex Vikings. Lots of poses and clean castings. I especially like the Kn figures.

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dbagamer said...

Those colors look great on the Koreans! I also love the idea for your Kn Gen. stand. Looking forward seeing both armies!