Wednesday, January 29, 2014

HoTT Demonworld Orcs

Finally finished, well almost.  I have 5 stands of WB Orcs to complete the armies options.  I will not paint those for awhile....nobody around me plays 15mm.  The Army is made up of Demon World Orcs entirely.  This army has been painted for a very long time.  I just realized that the basing was not complete.  I finish the bases and sprayed them the other day while cleaning off my painting table.
The Blade, I have photographed before but have re-based onto 20mm to better facilitate the two-handed swords. 
Crazy Female Orcs!  Love them...fear them...The Orcs do!
Bow dudes.  Figured I might want a shooter list...
The Chariot is scratch built with dental floss reins.  I was out of wolves so used bears.  The Catapult is a regular demon world piece

Ogre leader for my Trolls.  Needed a couple of stands of Beasts or Behemoths.
Rider, Lurkers, or sneakers take your pick.  Spiders are way cool but only one per stand fit no matter how I chopped them up.
Ah...the leaders I have two Warrior Heros and the Big bad momma Orc.....everyone is scared of her.  The wizard and his tower rounds the army out.  I built the tower with tubes and masking tape.  I figured Orc contruction habbits were not up to regular par, thus the supports.


Figurenschieber said...

Absolutly wonderful and lovely paintjob! Thanks for sharing.

David said...

Jeff, hope all is well. Life in Seoul is busy as ever. Cheers, Dave

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Nice and "fresh" great brush work