Saturday, February 2, 2013

II/30a Galatian

I have just finished the last touches on an on going project.  This was on of the project distractions form my finishing up an army for Spencer in trade. Sorry, man...I am not good at focusing on one project at a time.
This is my first time using the floral tuffs.  I thought that they of all armies would have wanted to trample the flowers.

 I have been intrigued by the changes to DBA, specifically to 2.2+.  I wanted to work with WB again, not my favorite unit in 2.2.  I realized first, that I did not have any WB armies here in Korea and secondly, I really did have many in my collection.  Here is my try at them.  The army is made from Old Glory.
I originally had three figures in the generals chariot, it started looking like they were to friendly in there so I removed one.


Teenage Visigoth said...

Nice army. An energetic palette choice.

Figurenschieber said...

Wonderful piece of work.
I like the Galatians - nice army!
Best regards

S. Murugappan said...


Thanks a lot for sharing this one.

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