Sunday, January 8, 2012

Perseous and Pegasus

This was a great project. I wanted to make a hero for the Greeks. I figure he can be used as either an Areal Hero or Hero or for that matter a flyer. The miniature is a Xyston Greek General. The wings are from a Demonworld Harpy (we had chicken for dinner and saved the wings). I just glued them forward of the rider for fit.
I mounted the rear two horse legs to a piece of wood which in turn was glued to an up-right piece of wood to give some stability to the structure forming a C with the base. I filled the C with blue foam and wood puttied the rest. I took some care in making it appear to be waves at the bottom of the stand.

Can not wait to play this piece in the up and coming HoTT doubles tourney at cold Wars 2012.