Sunday, November 8, 2009

Rules Question about turning to face

The initial landing force moved in from the coast. No issue. I had placed one Bd element in front of my camp so that if attacked it could fall back into the camp.
At this point, Tony's Bd element moved to attack my Bd in front of the camp. Problem, the contact was legal however when my Bd turned to face we found that their was not enough room . The options as well see them are as follows; One, there is no contact made. Two, the Bd moves into the camp and defends it. or Three, both elements shift away from the camp to make room.

We chose, no contact. Figured if my Bd pushed into the camp then Tony's Bd would not really have moved the way it did. Secondly we decided that to move both elements and make room would interfere with other elements on both sides lining up and did not sound right. Thoughts?


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

A heretical thought would be to shift the camp back a tad. I told you it was heretical. However the good-natured way you are playing suggests to me you are not competition wargamers (meant as a complement).

The important point to me is that the blade would have fought in front of the camp. What a camp is and the area it actually occupies is somewhat abstract rather than a rectangle.

Neldoreth said...

Nice stuff here! Glad to see you are getting some games in!

As for the rules question, did Tony make illegal contact with the camp when moving in to contact with the blade element? From the pictures, it looks that way... But I would have done the same as you I think if I ended up in this situation! It's certainly an odd one!