Friday, September 11, 2009

Present Projects

IV/18 Lithuanians have been sitting in the box for some time now. I am mostly posting these projects to kick my own butt into gear so that I finish them and get them properly posted with eh rest of the list. These Essex figures really had some motion to them. Especially the horses (for a change) I felt like putting some large boulders in the stands to give it the forest glen look...more grass then dirt.

These are II/54 Scotts-Irish. I finished the Chariots and am procrastinating about painting the flesh and hair that will finish the AX and Ps. Just being lazy and need to motivation to finish them. As I near the end of my lead to paint ( my pet project) I am becoming less excited about painting the figures I have and more likely to dilly dally in different armies.
I was very nervous about painting plaid. I really like how the plaid turned out. More of a weave then I thought I was going for but he shading helped a lot. More colorful then they should be as well. But what the heck, its my army anyway, right? The Leader's plaid is painted as the Calhan plaid from my family. Something of a blue with green stripping with a line yellow line in between. I did not paint the yellow because it ended up being to over powering.

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